DIY – Showcase Refinish

It’s not rare that someone pulls up to our store in Venice Beach and tries to sell me used furniture. I’ve been pitched on everything from old highchairs to literal kitchen sinks and I can say without hesitation that 95% of everything is unsalvagable trash, but every so often I’m offered a piece with potential beauty hiding just beneath a chipping wood finish. This was one of those times.

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How To Build A Pipe Coffee Table

A few weeks ago I showed you guys how I waded neck-deep through the small ocean of cardboard boxes that was my mother’s living room and came out the other end with what some are calling “the greatest achievement in interior design since eggshell white hit the Pantone scale”.

In that post, I built her a coffee table out of some pipes and one piece of wood. A lot of you wanted to know how I did it, and it’s super simple…so I made a little how-to video for ya.