Reclaimed Wood is the New Black

We use reclaimed wood (lumber rescued from old barns, wine barrels, warehouses) to make everything from shelving to dining tables, but this time we really flexed our splinter-covered muscles and gave one of our favorite clients a new bedroom.

Liza has been a client of ours longer than I can remember and we absolutely adore her for not only loving new home decor, but also for thinking of us whenever she needs some.

Liza’s bedroom was in need of a little facelift and after a lot of sketching…a lot of erasing…and a lot more sketching, we settled on somewhere between a botox treatment and surgical cosmetics.

We ditched her bed and stripped the wall of anything besides the original paint and went to work.

Our go-to craftsman for projects like this, Gabriel, is nothing short of a magician when it comes to creating masterpieces out of anything wooden, and he brought out the big guns to make this all come together.

The humble beginnings of under-the-bed storage.

We not only designed a new bed, almost entirely crafted from reclaimed wood, complete with six drawers at its base but also two matching nightstands and an entire back wall because, well, why the hell not?

The trick here is that the slats of wood aren’t installed piece by piece as they appear to be, but rather they’re individually attached to carefully measured larger pieces of wood and affixed to the wall like puzzle pieces. This not only makes installation incredibly simpler but also makes transporting an entire walls-worth of wood a snap.

Making sure the bed can support humans.

As you saw in the picture with the truck, the bed base was brought in sections as well, plopped down and screwed together.

The matching nightstands were brought in and it started to look like a bedroom again. We reattached the shutters and before you knew it…

Reclaimed wood bedroom

BAM! Bedroom.

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