From Turkey With Love

We proudly sell goods that are made in America and primarily in California, but like any good obsession, our love for new and interesting decor occasionally lures our eyes across continents.

Why don’t we cut through the colorful introduction and get right down to the million dollar question – What’s the big to-do about Turkish rugs?

People will be quick to mansplain the high price tag is a result of the rugs being handmade, and they’re partially correct but mostly wrong.

The main reason you’re being asked to dish out top dollar is because Turkish rugs are double-knotted (which I’m told doesn’t happen any other place on the planet).

The double-knotting makes the rugs sturdier and thus results in the rugs lasting dozens if not hundreds if not thousands if not millions of years.

All the dyes are natural and they’re made out of wool, silk, or a wool-cotton blend that makes them both beautiful and, well, very heavy.

Luckily for us, we’re not the ones that need to lug them all the way from Istanbul.

About two years ago, the lovely Sophie, a young woman who left her office job in France to stumble into the market of Turkish rugs, makes the journey several times a year and brings the goods right to our doorstep.

I’m a sucker for a good rug but that wasn’t always the case. Hell, up until about three years ago I was still buying those $20 flop area rugs from Wal-Mart…but times have changed.

Here’s our new Morrocan wool throw for good measure!

Life should be about quality not quantity. Spend money on things that will last you a lifetime rather than spending the same amount on five different colors that will turn to threads in a months time.

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