Abbot Kinney Festival!

10 Minute Read –

Every year in mid-September the merchants of our beloved Abbot Kinney Blvd creep out of our shops that line the street and onto the sidewalks for a day to celebrate Venice Beach and its founder, Abbot Kinney.

Food trucks, vendors, and sales galore attract patrons by the thousands and this year was no different. It’s always so much fun to see people come together like this. The street fills with so much foot traffic it’s difficult to move at times, but the struggle is worth it to see everyone smiling as they fill their stomachs with sushi burritos (if you didn’t know those existed start googling now) and fancy ice cream flavors from fancy ice cream shops.

As for us, Tumbleweed & Dandelion let our patio spill out onto the pavement and introduced some new products in the process. If you weren’t able to make it out either due to laziness or geography, worry not, because we basically celebrate Abbot Kinney Fest every day of the year.


Our storefront for the day. Typically the signs we hand paint from old wood we find are top sellers. Tourists and locals alike are always in the mood to have an item that reminds them of Venice Beach so for the festival we rolled up our sleeves and tripled production.

We also stocked up on mud cloth pillows  and have a few left over so don’t hesitate to check them out at our site because they do sell out quickly.



(I wasn’t joking about the number of people)


We had an idea a few years ago to start making dog beds and we brought it back for the festival this year and we’re not stopping. These ones come in three sizes and are handmade out of vintage feed sacks – dog sold separately.


We also started making our signature soy candles in even smaller tins. If you’re unsure about what scent you may want, you can buy a bunch of them in 2 oz. tins. We sell them as a bundle so please check them out!


Another favorite from the festival are these wooden tablets. These are made right here in Los Angeles and are so charming they make you smile without even trying. The artist takes old images or, more often, vintage pages from your favorite children’s’ books like Winnie the Pooh and Le Petit Prince and glues them onto these small blocks making an amazing decoration for your home.

It was a hot one this year but we pulled it off and we hope to see you all next year, but honestly, we’d rather hear from you before that!





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