Build a Patio in a Day

To be honest, it took less than a day

Recently, we were asked to help a client whip some life into the mini-desert she called her patio and it was such a quick fix and such a success we wanted to share it with everyone in hopes of eliminating all the other scaled-down wastelands that may be out there.

First, a few before images –

Basically, what we’re looking at is about 160 square feet of small gravel and sand. There’s two essentially two sides separated by a cement walkway to the front door.

The side in the final picture is where we installed a very simple wooden patio floor (by “we” I mean Mkayel).

The flooring comes in bundles of nine from Ikea and covers nine square feet each for $25.

These panels are exceptionally easy to install. They snap right into one another and even on this uneven ground they came together with minimal effort.

To work with the curve of the wall we cut some of the panels in half (we used a saw, but it’s nothing more than light plastic and I’m confident any household scissors would work just the same), and any sand left showing we covered with mulch.

On the side opposite the cement walkway we opted to not use any flooring at all and instead moved Erin’s planting table to the wall and surrounded it with white stone.

Toss in a few additional plants and a pair of comfy chairs and the result is nothing short of stunning.

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