Making, Buying, and Selling Candles

If you like candles you should read this blog strictly because there’s a DISCOUNT CODE for our scented soy candles buried within the paragraphs!

A little video we shot of our very own, Tatiana, whipping up some candles. Starring Tatiana’s hands and parts of her wrist.

Making candles is one of those crafts or trades that, in my mind at least, falls in the same category as blacksmith or clockmaker. Whenever I used to imagine a candlemaker I envisioned a person wearing a filthy apron selling their waxy goods on the side of a well-traveled muddy road in the 19th century, but as it turns out the business of slanging candles is lucrative enough to afford far better real estate.

Years ago, we first offered four different scents when we were candlemaking novices, and since then we’ve upped our game to over ten aromas including the scents from our Stinky Dog brand (a product launch that was birthed after realizing how well the candles covered up pet odor – more on that HERE). 

The fact is, unlike the profession of blacksmith, making candles really isn’t all that difficult (granted I haven’t even so much as looked up a Youtube tutorial on metal work let alone forged a clump of steel on my own, but I’m going to assume it’s tasking). As long as you have the patience and caring hands to take on such a project you should be okay. 

After we realized that everything else fell into place and we’ve started to have fun with how we package our candles. At first, we merely put them in 12oz glass jars, which we do still sell for $35, but then we thought, “Hmmm, why not offer a smaller option?” and began making them in 7.5oz resealable tins for $15…but why stop there?

You don’t have to be a scientist to know melted wax is a liquid, which means it’s malleable, which means it will take the shape of anything you put it in, which means – let’s not be boring. 

After a venture to the impetuous junk stores of downtown Los Angeles, we began pouring our wax into an array of decorative containers that double as eye-catching decor regardless of a burning wick.

Since the etched mercury glass and porcelain we chose fits into the holiday theme we typically only offer them around this time of year, however, we were left to ask ourselves again…why stop there?

We’ve always offered something of a secret deal to our customers. Anyone can ask for it, but we haven’t realized advertised it so only a select few know to request it (think of it like the secret menu at In N’ Out). If you bring in, or mail us, any jar, container, can etc. and we’ll fill it up with whatever scent you’d like!  Think that used Prego jar soaking next to the sink would look better filled with Amber Fig scented soy wax instead of murky dish water? How about those expensive drinking glasses you bought but are too nervous to serve them to your clumsy friends? Hell, even if you think Grandma’s ashes are taking up valuable shelf space, we encourage not to waste another minute! Ditch the death dust and we’ll get that urn back to you smelling like cranberries and nutmeg post haste! Just give us a call at (310) 450-4310 or email us at

And if you just want one of our standard candles…well, here’s a tip, use the code “VBCSBLOG” at checkout to get 20% off every scent! Enjoy!

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