Day Trip to Bedding Heaven

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If you follow this blog’s instagram, then you probably noticed the most recently posted pics look like they were taken in some sort of bohemian dream loft. The kind of place that’s antiqued enough to make you think Miss Havisham decorated, but hip enough to resemble the Air BnB you bookmark but can’t actually afford.

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In reality, the building is the current home and headquarters of MATTEO Los Angeles.

If that name means nothing to you then I’ll assume you sleep on sandpaper because that’s what all other sheets feel like once you’ve regaled your body with the palatial bedding linens MATTEO makes…and if that came off as pretentious, good, it was meant to. You spend one third of your life in bed. Don’t waste it on a low thread count.

MATTEO makes the type of bedding that’s soft without being frilly, classy without being flashy, and stays cool to the touch so you’re not kicking your comforter to the floor in mid-July.

We’ve sold their products for a few years now and there’s always a spark of glee whenever we have to venture downtown to their home base and handle an outstanding balance a.k.a. peruse the showroom floor for inspiration and restock our own personal collections.

They recently relocated to a new building but kept the same industrial atmosphere with an additional dose of vintage charm.

What makes this place genuinely special is that a bulk of the outgoing goods are cut and rolled onsite and they make no attempt to hide the bustle of the warehouse floor.

Through a wall of windows in the second floor showroom you can look down and see the fabric being laid out, prepped, shipped, stitched or stacked. There’s a great deal of satisfaction you feel when you’re standing in a store and you’re able to pinpoint exactly where the item you’ve purchased came from (one floor down and 10 feet forward).

I realize I’m fanboying out a bit over what may seem like nothing more than a store that sells pillowcases, but it’s where I went today and it was pretty and it was interesting and I can’t think of much more to ask for out of a Wednesday, so enjoy the pictures and check it out for yourself if you’re ever in downtown Los Angeles.

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